The Team, everyone has specilializiral in the area in which it is the strongest. The overall marketing plan for our clients cannot and cannot be the fruit of only one person. He consults at least two others – individuals with different experience and approaches in marketing. We use this model to maximize and pinpoint the specific needs of each client and what would be the best possible approach for its potential popularity.

For the website you will be taken care of exactly two developers who have been working for several years together on different projects. Site-Beauty salon business card, butcher’s workshop, auto service, shop, carpentry, dental services, online store, media, tourist catalogue and more. They are supplemented because of the different skills and experience they have in creating different for purpose, architecture and purpose sites and shops.

Creating or maintaining social profiles, pages and groups on these networks are the work of a third person. Working on your Google Adwords ad is also the creativity of this person with experience. He drove successfully autonomous budgets for advertising and content of 500 000 dollars!

The team to create your unique content on the site are a total of four people. Their product descriptions and articles can be found on our own projects as well as on the sites of our clients. Our copywriters write about construction, spa-tourism, culinary, politics, science, furniture, history…. And a whole lot of spheres of life, each for what has proved to be a strong country. Of course, all this is also with the possibility of happening in English.

Our graphic designer is a good man. Busy is constantly with what he does best… He’s busy because he’s not doing his job, he’s taking care of the little details… That’s what he is! Its workmanship are most logos on sites that you will see on our pages, catalogs, business cards, web design of our clients. For this purpose works great with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

The GDPR solutions are underestimated, but together with the correctly written “general terms and conditions” are a guarantee for compliance with the EU-wide regulation on personal data protection, adopted by decision 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council. The regulation is supra-national and each Member State is obliged to comply with it. National regulators are therefore complying with and complying with this regulation, including Bulgaria. Fines are salty, your law is the law and it must be respected. Our associate – A lawyer specializing in this type of European legislation, produces individually each “privacy policy” and “terms and conditions”, which aim to regulate the relationship between the visitors of your site and you as a provider of Content and services in cyberspace.

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